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Welcome to Simone Solaris Astrology.

I would like to tell you more about myself and explain how I work.

I was born in south Brazil. Astrology entered my life when I was seventeen years old, during a course on Esoteric Gnosticism in Brazil, a long time ago. I interrupted my esoteric studies to go to university and qualify as psychologist. Since marrying an English man and moving to England my life was devoted to raising a family.

Since 2015 I had the opportunity to continue my studies in astrology, where I got a certificate from MISPA (Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology). It is an excellent school and I highly recommend. My tutors were the well-known astrologers Darby Costello, Lynn Bell, Clare Martin, John Green to mention a few. In 2021 I completed a Traditional Astrology course at The Cosmic Academy of Astrology, online course offered by Heather Eland in United State of America. I have an interest in Tarot and Reiki, however Astrology is where my heart is.

My work with you will be to translate the astrological symbols in your chart, and the session is a dialogue between us. Your chart is a map, and I only point out the many routes and roads to take, but it is your decision how to travel them. During your session you will encounter a nurturing environment. Here the most challenging and sensitive information is delivered with kindness and truthfulness.

We can take your natal astral chart as deep as you wish. You are in control. Astrology is an indispensable tool in our self-development. I believe we are all connected to each other and to the cosmos. We carry the memories and wisdom of our ancestors and our past lives. Astrology can help each one of us to access the secrets and symbols of our astral map to discover the lessons and experiences in our present existence.





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What My Clients Say

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My experience of astrological readings with Simone were both life enhancing and
life changing. I felt enhanced in my life because the information that came through Simone was uncannily accurate, and this led me to explore deeper parts of myself. My life changing experience is that her readings gave me motivation to be more curious of how the planets and their energies can be an incredible tool. To that end, I now regularly explore the planetary systems to guide my personal and spiritual growth. Thank you so much Simone for changing how I feel about and see the external world and more importantly my own internal world.

Jackie O’Brien

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Simone is an incredibly sensitive and gifted astrologer. I did a full reading; this took several sessions. In each session I was given clear insightful information, tips, and practical guidance in how to enhance expansive periods of growth and learning. Minimize periods where the influence of certain planets would be less advantageous for the pursuit of my own goals in life. I was given a video record of all sessions – this helps greatly to keep on the right track and revisit the information as and when I need. I will surely recommend Simone to anyone who’s seeking a deeper understanding of self, and how to navigate and grow throughout the “ocean” of the planetary influences in one’s life. Sensitive, professional, deeply knowledgeable, warm, super accurate and precise!

V. M. Scotland

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Having an astrology reading with Simone has helped me to understand certain aspects of my life. With this knowledge, I am now using the energy of my Dragon’s Head/North Node more efficiently. It is helping me to bring more balance into my life. I wanted to explore and discover my astral map in depth, and it took several sessions, however it was worth it. Now, I have the knowledge to better navigate the planetary energies in my astral map. I can face the daily challenges more efficiently. I am forever grateful for Simone’s knowledge and wisdom, in helping me navigate the complexities of my astral map and my life.

Cristiane Cabrera, Spain

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