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aries 7617681 640


 21/03 – 19/04

Ruler: Mars

Positive, fire and cardinal

Rules the head, soldiers, metal workers, engineers, competetive sport.

Keywords: I AM.
Impatient, impulsive, frank, excitable, brave, courageous, pioneering, competitive, leadership, brusque, domineering, selfish, volatile, provocative, impractical.

taurus 7617693 640


20/04 – 20/05

Ruler: Venus

Negative, earth and fixed.

Rules neck and throat

Keywords: I POSSESS.
Patience, easy-going, affectionate, stable, dependable, loyal, devoted, practical, artistic, instinctual, sensual, stubborn.

taurus 7617693 640
gemini 7617685 640


21/05 – 21/06

Ruler: Mercury

Positive, air and mutable

Rules arms, hand and lungs

Keywords: witty, articulate, rational, expressive, curious, lively, intellectual, multi-faceted, versatile, inventive, sociable, dexterous, bright, talkative, lack of sincerity, two-faced.

cancer 7617683 640


22/06 – 22/07

Ruler: Moon

Negative, water and cardinal

Rules breast and stomach

Keyword: I FEEL.
Caring, sensitive, domestic, intuitive, compassionate, devoted, protective, traditional, patriotic, helpful and tenacious, touchy, moody, brooding, manipulative, self-pitying, needy, suffocating, controlling, gentle, emotionally needy, imaginative.

cancer 7617683 640
leo 7617686 640


23/07 – 22/08

Ruler: Sun

Positive, fire and fixed

Rules the heart

Keywords: I WILL.
Loving, loyal, sincere, generous, playful, magnetic, heroic, dignified,  affectionate, confident, magnanimous, romantic, fun-loving and idealistic, proud, arrogant, extravagant, conceited, vain, over-bearing, patronising, charming, childish, glamourous.

virgo 7617694 640


23/08 – 22/09

Ruler: Mercury

Negative, earth and mutable

Rules digestive system and bowel

Keywords: I ANALYSE.
Practical, craftsmen, conscientious, fastidious, caring, humane, responsible, dedicated, efficient, thorough, modest, industrious, discriminating, analytical, precise, humble, efficient, worrisome.

virgo 7617694 640
libra 7617688 640


23/09 – 23/10

Ruler: Venus

Positive, air and cardinal

Rules the kidneys

Keywords: I BALANCE.
Charming, just, pliable, artistic, agreeable, diplomatic, refined, co-operative, cultured, tactful, understanding, mediating, easy-going. They can also under certain circumstances be lazy, fickle, indecisive, apathetic, suave, frivolous.

scorpio 7617691 640


24/10 – 21/11

Ruler: Mars and Pluto

Negative, water and fixed

Rules reproductive organs

Keyword: I DESIRE.
Purposeful, penetrating, perceptive, intense, deep, powerful, determined, profound, self-controlled, strong-willed, sexual, magnetic, insightful, obsessive, suspicious, vengeful, jealous, morbid, vindictive, secretive, disdainful, exploitative, devious, cruel, survivor.

scorpio 7617691 640
sagittarius 7617690 640


22/11 – 21/12

Ruler: Jupiter

Positive, fire and mutable

Rules hips and thighs

Keyword: I SEEK.
Inspirational, jovial, alert, cheerful, buoyant, ethical, big-hearted, philosophical, versatile, prophetic, far-sighted, broadminded, just, expansive, inconsistent, extremist, pushy, careless, extravagant, over-enthusiastic, restless, blunt, dogmatic, optimistic.

capricorn 7617684 640


22/12 – 19/01

Ruler: Saturn

Negative, earth and cardinal

Rules the knees

Keyword: I ACHIEVE.
Disciplined, patient, hard-working, constructive, dependable, sober, serious, prudent, determined, practical, persevering, exacting, careful, austere, mean, unforgiving, calculating, inhibited, cold, snobbish, status-seeking, gloomy, fatalistic.

capricorn 7617684 640
aquarius 7617682 640


20/01 – 18/02

Ruler: Saturn and Uranus

Positive, air and fixed

Rules shins and ankles

Keyword: I KNOW.
Independent, inventive, truthful, liberal, open-minded, resolute, society-
oriented, unconventional, intellectual, humane, friendly, sincere, impersonal, distant, rebellious, radical, awkward, disinterested, eccentric, aloof, stubborn, dogmatic, tactless, detached.

pisces 7617687 640


19/02 – 20/03

Ruler: Jupiter and Neptune

Negative, water and mutable

Rules the feet

Keyword: I BELIEVE.
Gentle, reflective, kind, self-sacrificing, dreamy, introspective, sympathetic, empathetic, imaginative, serene, intuitive, mediumistic, romantic, confused, martyr-like, addictive, gullible, spacey, impractical, escapist, timid, weak-willed, deceptive, evasive, emotionally inhibited, chaotic, impressionable, compassionate.

pisces 7617687 640


sunset sun and moon


Our central core, sense of identity, represents the father, power, vitality, self-expression, selfhood, identity, purpose, goal, creative impulse, radiance.



Our sense of safety and security, instinctive response, the unconscious, represent the mother, caretaking, our needs.

Inner Planets

Inner Planets:

Mercury, Venus, and Mars

Communication, merchandising, connections, networking, quick-thinking, transport, siblings, superficial, rational thinking.

Relationship, love, partnership, beauty, peace, harmony, artistic expression, values, diplomacy, indecisive, cooperation, gentle.

Daring, courage, anger, conflict, competition, heroic, threatening, energetic, assertive, sporty.

Social Planets


Social Planets:

Jupiter and Saturn.

Realism, structure, organisation, ambition, responsibility, formality, experience, tradition, seriousness, productivity, hard-working, pessimism, egotism.

Social Planets
outer planets


Outer Planets:

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

Discovered in 1781. Uranus has an 84-year orbit, spending around 7 years in each zodiacal sign. Due to it long stay in one zodiacal sign, Uranus affect a great number of people, and must be analysed within a social and generational context. Uranus is associated with changes and revolution.

Discovered in 1846. Neptune has a 165-year orbit, spending around 14 years in each zodiacal sign. Neptune is associated with confusion, nebulosity, imagination, creativity, dream, and fantasy. Photography and the film industry is strongly associated with Neptune, due to its production of illusion and fantasy characteristics.

Discovered in 1930. Pluto has a 248-year orbit, spending around 20 years in each zodiacal sign. Pluto is associated with what is hidden, unconscious, it possesses a transformative power. Pluto is associated with the subterranean riches, and radio-active substances.



A comet and/or asteroid


Discovered in 1977, has an erratic orbit of around 50 years, spending about 4 years in each zodiacal sign. Chiron is symbolically associated with the wounded healer. Chiron is our wound, and he can show where and how we can be healed.


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